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WHEN to buy maternity clothing and What Size should you choose?

October 07, 2019 3 min read

WHEN to buy maternity clothing and What Size should you choose?

When to Buy Maternity Clothing?

The answer is when your clothes do NOT fit you anymore; when you can’t zip up your bottoms or they are digging into you or when your tops start to gape. Do yourself a favor and go out and buy properly-sized maternity clothing; you deserve to be comfortable and feel & look great during this very special moment in life! Properly sized maternity clothing fits your body perfectly with accommodations made for your growing chest and belly. And please do not go out and buy oversized non-maternity clothing; it will only make you look bigger than you really are.

1st-time Mamas usually find themselves having to replace their wardrobes with maternity clothing around the beginning of the 2nd trimester. 2nd-time Moms and others find themselves rocking in maternity clothing before the end of the 1st trimester. Every woman is different so, please listen to your body.

Even after you deliver, most Moms have to continue to wear maternity clothing for around 6 months - 1 year. Sorry Moms, yes, you heard it right. After you deliver, you will look like 2nd-trimester pregnant, but Pillsbury doughy! It is a small price to pay for a beautiful baby who will steal your heart forever plus it is only temporary! You are officially pregnant for 40 weeks (10 months, NOT 9 months!), so it is only logical that you need around the same amount of time to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight unless you are one of the few who has the time and energy to work out every day, the grit to eat like a mouse, has great genes and/or is a spring chicken (pre-28). Some maternity clothing makes great postpartum pieces since they can hide post-baby bellies with features like empire-styling, A-line cuts, and built-in shapewear.

What Size Maternity Clothing should you Choose when Pregnant?

Most healthy pregnant women put on weight mainly on the belly and chest. Thus, maternity clothing is designed differently from non-maternity clothing as accommodations are made for your growing chest and belly with the usage of extra and stretchy fabric and details like belly panel, empire-waist, lower front rise, e.t.c. If you choose to buy non-maternity clothing, you will be forced to size up to accommodate your growing belly and chest but unfortunately, it will not fit right everywhere else; Unflattering!. Plus, what are you going to do with all these oversized non-maternity clothing after you give birth? Mother Earth is not going to be happy if they end up in the landfill. In fact, you can continue to wear our stretchier, maternity clothing even after you lose all your pregnancy weight as they look like your non-maternity clothes. Otherwise, you can pass them to your families and friends or keep them for your next pregnancy. There is some maternity clothing with built-in, discreet nursing access that doubles up as breastfeeding clothes; 2 for 1!

So, if you are an XS pre-pregnancy, you will continue to wear XS in maternity clothes during pregnancy. Of course, for some of us who gain slight weight in other areas as well, it will still be OK to stay with your pre-pregnancy size as maternity clothing has a bit more stretch than non-pregnancy clothing.

The only time you can insist on sizing-up is if you have gained a lot of extra weight and are carrying twins. If you prefer a relaxed fit and want to size-up, we recommend that you do so only for Tops and Dresses and not for bottoms as they might slip down while you walk. When first trying on some pants/jeans, you might feel a bit snug, but they usually stretch with wear especially with jeans.

For denim, the designers still label them by waist size (we know..your waist is no longer 27-inch), but maternity denim designers still use standard pre-pregnancy denim labeling to make it easier for us Mamas so please stick with your pre-pregnancy denim size.

If you go shopping in the early stages of your pregnancy and your belly hasn't really popped yet, we have 2 different sized, handy strap-on, fake bellies in our shop so you can see how the garments will fit you at 6 months and in your last month prior to delivery.

There are usually specific size charts for different brands and they can be found on our website (, in our product pages under Size Chart links. But if you still need help, please feel free to reach out to us.

Happy Shopping and Enjoy your Pregnancy!

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