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Our Story

The Birth of Linea Negra (LN) Maternity

LN Maternity was conceived by Patty Nelson-Munder in 2003 when she was pregnant with her first child Linea Negra Maternity Store and refused on behalf of the pregnant community to be a fashion martyr. The birth of Linea Negra Maternity is her declaration that being pregnant should not have to make women change their personal style.

Linea Negra Maternity opened its doors in December 2003, finally giving pregnant women the option to continue with their pre-pregnancy identities & style on their pregnancy journeys. At Linea Negra Maternity, you can find any clothing items from swimwear to evening wear enabling you to continue living your pre-pregnancy lifestyle in appropriate attire. You do not have to NOT go out because you do not have the right clothing to wear!

You can Choose to be a Beautiful, Confident and Stylish Mom!

Times have changed! Today, pregnant women have choices and do not have to wear shapeless, frumpy and oversized smocks. If you choose to be stylish, beautiful and confident while pregnant, then you are at the right place.

There is a misconception that pregnancy is only for a short period of time and thus, not worthwhile to invest in well-fitted maternity clothing. The reality is that pregnancy is for almost 10 months and if you add in the time that it takes to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothing, you are easily looking at having to wear maternity clothing for over a year! If you have always been stylish and have the option to continue to be, why would you give this up during this special time of your life?

Bad advice is always available and for free. Some people may tell you how they wore larger sized, non-maternity clothing during their pregnancy. The fact is that unless you plan to put on weight everywhere, most healthy, active, pregnant women only need clothing adjustments in specific areas. Larger sized, non-maternity clothing is larger everywhere and makes you look frumpy and bigger than you really are. Our properly sized maternity clothing with accommodations for your growing belly and chest will make you look and feel good for 10 months and beyond, allowing you to be YOU and to be admired. How can that be bad?

The Naming of Linea Negra
Linea Nigra (which translates as "black line" in Latin) is a dark vertical line which runs vertically along the midline of the pregnant belly. We chose this name as it is a pregnancy trademark and connection for moms-to-be.

LN Maternity's Mission

We strive to support and empower you in this special journey by gathering from around the world the best brands and range of fantastic looking, stylish, quality maternity/nursing clothing and sought-after, safe pregnancy/postpartum skincare. We try our best to offer superior service and compassion to make your journey memorable.

Today in 2019, LN Maternity continues to be the leading and favorite maternity shopping destination for hip, stylish, expecting moms. We owe a huge thanks to our awesome “Linea Nigra” community and we hope that we will remain a part of your beautiful journey.

Where Maternity Meets Fashion and Comfort!