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Mama & Kids

Mama & Kids Baby Milky Lotion

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The lightweight lotion moisturizes baby’s delicate skin from face to toe. It gets absorbed into the skin easily, keeping baby’s skin hydrated, soft and silky.

The lotion can also be used for baby massages which can help to relax and soothe the baby, especially before bedtime.

The product was developed in collaboration with dermatologists. The hydrating milky lotion has ingredients including 8 kinds of amino acids to mimic the womb’s amniotic fluid environment and vernix caseosa (the white coating on unborn babies).

Mama & Kids products are hypoallergenic and of low acidity. They are free of fragrance, alcohol, parabens, petroleum surfactants, preservatives, and mineral oils.

The baby products are used in many maternity wards and baby clinics in Japan.

The product is stored inside a vacuum-sealed bag that sits inside the bottle so it does not come in contact with air and thus, stays fresh. The product can be dispensed easily using a pump.

You can see how much of the product is left through the see-through side of the bottle.

Ceramide, Cholesterol, Phospholipid, Triglyceride retain moisture and protect the skin barrier.

8 Kinds of Moisture Amino Acids to mimic the fetal environment.

Trehalose, Xylitol, Lipidure, Sodium PCA are all moisture retention ingredients.

Squalane is anti-inflammatory and keeps skin healthy.

Natural Vitamin E helps to reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Apply the lotion gently from face to toe after bath or whenever the baby needs hydration like after a nappy change or mealtime with the wiping. Do not forget the wrists and ankles.

If the skin is really dry, apply the milky lotion first and then layer with the Milky Cream on top.

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